Configurable Seismic Software with Focused Project Tracker Advantages

At PIM Enterprises, LLC in Seabrook, Texas, we provide companies engaged in gas and oil exploration ventures with optimized seismic software. Our applications-based tools come with a project tracker that helps:

 • Track Clients and Bids • Track Workflow and Inventory • Track Project Development

• Track Personnel Safety


Optimal Performance

For optimal performance, you can make adjustments and modifications on the basic tools we provide. We then apply the changes on the server. The servers we configure for seismic packages are capable of offering hacking-resistant email services. Our seismic software enables users to work, either online through cloud, or offline and sync with servers, just as confidently.

Man Using Custom Software

Software Service Rates
All servers and cloud storage for data are located at Level(3) Data centers to ensure secure, always-online encryption. Our seismic software package starts at $400 a month, while customized software, with service support included, costs $45 an hour. Additional email services cost $10 a month.

Contact us in Seabrook, Texas, to learn more about our cloud technology-synchronous seismic software with project tracker enhancements.